About Radian Support

Your life, your choice, your way

Radian Support is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting adults in Southern and Central England with individual needs, such as learning disabilities, autism, mental health and other related needs, to lead fulfilling and independent lives.

Part of the larger Radian Group, we are large enough to offer value for money, but small enough to retain a personal and flexible service.

Quality is at the heart of our business and Radian Support has a reputation for high quality. All our activity is underpinned by a robust continuous improvement plan incorporating people's views.  Our services offer peace of mind for individuals, commissioners, relatives, families and carers alike. 

Renowned for its staff expertise and people focus, and with strong embedded values, Radian Support can deliver the most complex, individual support services.This is why Radian Support has 'preferred provider' status with many Social Services departments, and takes an active part in Support and Care strategy across the Southern and Central regions.

Our values are:

  • Choice
  • Opportunity
  • Trust

Registered office: Radian Support Ltd, Parkside House, 33-39 Sheet Street, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1BY

Industrial and Provident No. 27209R



Radian Support's Management

Senior Management

Photo of Gina Small, Director of Radian SupportGina Small, Director of Radian Support

Gina has been working in health and social care for the past 30 years, starting as a nurse in her native Glasgow, before moving south in 1986 and working across a range of services in both an operational and commissioning role.  She has always had a passion in developing projects and services which recognise the rights and needs of people with disabilities and which seek to make a real, positive difference in their lives.

Tel:  01753 747358          
E-mail: gina.small@radiansupport.org.uk

Photo of Sean King, Head of OperationsSean King, Head of Operations

Sean joined Radian Support in 2001 as Area Manager. In his current role as Head of Operations, Sean is oversees the smooth running of all of the services delivered in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey.

Sean has helped to integrate several large new support contracts into the business and, working with other members of the Senior Management team in Radian Support, has helped to increase the organisation's turnover from £6 million to £16 million.

Prior to joining us, Sean worked for Berkshire Social Services, before transferring to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead as Team Manager for two learning disability units.

Sean has 28 years experience in the social care sector, including six years working with children with learning disabilities. He has progressed through a number of 'hands on' and then management roles, for local authority and not-for-profit organisations. Previous posts include Assistant Team Manager, Residential Care Officer and Community Support Worker.

Sean holds a Diploma in Management Studies and a Diploma in Social Work, and has undertaken numerous training programmes relevant to the social care sector and to people and financial management.

Tel:  01753 747354
E-mail: sean.king@radiansupport.org.uk

Photo of Jason Gregory, Head of Development and PerformanceJason Gregory, Head of Development and Performance

Jason joined us in May 2012 as Interim Regional Manager and is really excited about the opportunities to develop our services, particularly our care attendant schemes (CAS) and making our telecare offer an integral part of our care service.

His responsibilities include strategic leadership of our Hampshire services – CAS Petersfield, Portsmouth Supported Living, Lifelink and our new Winchester Extra Care Service, as well as CAS Berkshire.

A relatively recent convert to the social care world, Jason's background is mainly commercial beginning his working life as an investment banker and subsequently spending several years in retail operations for organisations such as Pizza Hut and JD Wetherspoons.

There came a point in his life when pizza – although very tasty - just wasn't enough so he joined Turning Point as Regional Manager for learning disabilities services and was Assistant Director for Substance Misuse and Young People's services.

Jason loves working in social care, and feels privileged to come to work and contribute to providing quality services for the people we support.

Tel: 01753 747368

E-mail: jason.gregory@radiansupport.org.uk

Spike's Story

Photograph of SpikeJohn Goddard, who likes to be called Spike, moved into Ashley Drive in October 2012 from another care provider's home. He was referred to us because his mobility had deteriorated and he could hardly get out of a chair on his own, yet alone walk. Due to this, he was unable to go out from his previous home so became depressed and withdrawn. When he arrived with us an occupational therapist had just got him a new wheelchair to enable him to go out.

We soon realised that Spike was suffering from a urine infection which he appeared to have had for some time. Once this was treated he started to improve. Within 6 weeks his mobility had improved and he was walking around the house with a stick, but without the need for staff support. He started to walk up and downstairs which gave him the independence to go to his upstairs room whenever he wants.  He was also able to return to daycare 3 days a week, which had previously stopped. This is something he really enjoys. His sheer determination to improve and to make a new start with the house move is quite incredible. Because of this he has found a way of manoeuvring himself in and out of a car (his right leg he is unable to bend). This enables him to go out to 3 different clubs in the evenings with his own friends and has really encouraged his independence, spending his own money. Spike never uses a wheelchair now when he goes out because he is so proud of the fact that he can walk and walked for miles on the day trip to Southend. At weekends he loves to go for walks in various local parks. He is always telling people how he can walk because he is proud of his achievement. We have got his special boots adjusted which has helped even more with his walking. He often says "there is no point sitting around, you just have to get on with it and keep practising the walking." which is a good philosophy. He now has such a positive outlook on life.

He is also proud of the fact that he can now shower himself and shave himself and can get his own breakfast even though he is registered blind.

Spike celebrated his 60th birthday earlier this year and enjoyed a party for which he made all the sandwiches. He told us he had invited the Queen and Cliff Richard but they didn't turn up! He said the Queen was ill and Cliff were busy!! Spike also went on holiday recently to Weymouth.

Spike is a very sociable person and chats away all the time to the staff, other PWS and even to himself. Spike always makes us laugh and that is his main aim in life to cheer everyone up. His family are "over the moon" at the improvement in Spike since moving to a Radian home and he frequently talks to them over the phone as well as has visits from them. Spike says he is very happy at Ashley Drive, the staff are good and the food is good because it is cooked properly! He is a good ambassador for us as he tells everyone, even the bus driver.

Spike is so proud of himself and his successes since moving to Radian but this is all down to the support of the staff and the sheer determination of a very remarkable person.

Support for people with autism

At Radian Support we believe that each person is unique. So we will spend time with you to understand how Autism affects you and how we can work with you to achieve what's important to you in your life.

We will make sure that people who support you have training on Autism and that they work well with you in the way you want. We will ask you and those important to you if your support is working for you and meets your own needs across the autism spectrum.

Everyone is different but some important ways we can support you are:

  • Home – developing a structure and routine that helps makes sense of your environment and feels comfortable
  • Out and About – managing and responding in social situations, understanding and managing social rules such as waiting
  • Other people – thinking about other people's points of view, helpful behaviour in relationships
  • Communication – developing more effective communication and understanding how you and other people communicate
  • Your senses – experiencing and understanding the world through the senses. You may experience greater or reduced sensory awareness
  • For a few hours a week or for 24 hours a day

We will agree your support with you in the way that works best for you. This could be directly with you, your family or advocates through your individual budget, independent living fund and direct payment. We can also agree your support directly with your family if they act as your appointee and support brokers. We can agree your support with your local authority.



Radian Lifelink can help you continue to live independently

There's a variety of Lifelink sensors to meet your needs, including:

  • Medication Prompt – ensures that the correct dosage is taken at the right time
  • Fall detector – keeps track of people with balance issues
  • Heat sensor – senses if the oven or hob has accidently been left on
  • Flood detector – avoid unnecessary water damage in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Movement detector – can be used for activity and inactivity
  • Bogus caller button – raises the alarm on unwanted callers

How does Radian Lifelink work?

You carry a pendant around your neck, wrist or clipped to your clothing. With the simple push of a button one of our friendly, specially trained operators will take the appropriate action to ensure your wellbeing.

Photograph of a Radian Lifelink user and carer

We all want to live securely, independently and with peace of mind.

  • 99% would recommend Lifelink to friends and family
  • 99% are happy with the service
  • 100% said we are helpful and courteous

Source 2013 customer survey

"I call Mum and Dad everyday to say hello, I know that Lifelink will call if they really need me."

At home and in the garden we can offer you continued independence and safety

For many gardening is one of life’s great pleasures and with Radian Lifelink there is no reason why you and your garden cannot continue to thrive.

Call 01730 236900 to find out how we can help you continue to live your life independently and safely.

"Living in my own home is wonderful and the Lifelink service means I remain safe and secure."

Many people may find, due to age, disability, or even a short-term illness, that it is vital to have someone trustworthy, caring and professional that they can contact quickly and easily in an emergency.

Lifelink is easy to install, and simple to operate.  It consists of a base unit, which is connected to a telephone and power point, and is supplied with a radio transmitter pendant, that can be worn on wrist strap or clip or pendant around the neck. In the event of an emergency the pendant is activated and the call is transferred to a control centre, and the control centre will then contact the key-holders.

The Lifelink service provides a service for around 500 customers in the East Hants and surrounding areas. We currently provide two levels of service -  the standard and premier service.

  • Standard service is where the client will provide 3 key-holders who in the event of an emergency call respond to that call.
  • Premier service is where the emergency responses are made up from the team of sheltered housing managers, who will respond to the call and access the property with the aid of a key-safe that would have fitted at the time of installation. The nearest person to the customer would be the first response, and a standby service would be called upon out of working hours.

The Lifeline option gives freedom for the customer to be able to live independently knowing that help is just at the touch of a button.

Call Radian Lifelink on 01730 236900 or email lifelink@radian.co.uk.


Radian at Home

We are a local specialist homecare service

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100% customer satisfaction.

We can offer you the support you need to live independently and with dignity. Here are some of the services that our fully trained carers can provide to you:

  • Preparation of meals
  • Assistance with your medication (under guidance)
  • Personal care
  • Assisting you to maintain your personal hygiene, including bathing/showering
  • Shopping
  • Helping in and out of bed and/or wheelchair, with hoist if necessary
  • Domestic tasks
  • Assistance with toileting
  • Care of pressure areas
  • A sitting service

Photograph of Radian Care at Home

The care you deserve and want

We match our carers to you. This helps us to make sure that you are happy with the service you receive, as shown by our latest customer survey.

What our customers say:

  • 93% said the quality of care they were receiving was very good or excellent.
  • 90% of our carers received a rating of very good or excellent when the issue of safety and comfort was discussed with our customers.
  • 93% of our customers would recommend Radian at Home to friends and family

Source: Radian at Home customer survey

We all want to live independently. Sometimes we need a little help.

Photograph of a Couple at Home 

"With support from Radian at Home I have the confidence and peace of mind to continue living at home"
Mrs M. Petersfield


Respect, dignity, safety and friendship

All of our professionally trained carers are CRB checked to an enhanced level and we ensure that the care they provide to you is of the highest standard.

"Our children love the fact that they know we are safe and well looked after, we love living at home."

Radian Support has been providing excellent care and support in the community for over 20 years. We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). A recent assessment by the CQC, of our Radian at Home services, was very positive. This assessment reviewed quality of care and business processes.

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Further information

For further information about how we can help you, please contact us directly.

Phone: Hampshire - 01730 403205  |  East Berkshire - 01753 747372 |  Buckinghamshire – 01296 431551

Email: info@radiansupport.co.uk

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