Registers of interest

Radian Group has policies and procedures to ensure that potential conflicts of interest are identified and material conflicts are managed so as to protect the interests of the Group. Board members, Executives and Staff are expected to declare any personal interests on joining the organisation, and to update their declaration whenever there are changes.

At Board and Committee meetings, those present are expected to declare any interests relevant to matters being discussed, at the beginning of the meeting.

Any declarations at those meetings, and any action considered by the Chair to be required to manage a conflict of interest that may arise, are recorded in the minutes.

We publish registers of interests for board and committee members, executive team members, and senior managers, including the company secretary and deputy company secretary.

The published register does not include any personal information identifying third parties (for example a Board member’s spouse).

The register includes the following types of declared interests:

  • which company Boards within Radian group the person is a member of
  • for our Board members, which committees they are a member of
  • declarations of any directorships of companies that are not connected with Radian Group, and
  • declarations of any other personal, financial or professional interests


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Registers of interests for Radian’s leadership can be downloaded below:

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