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Annual Report 2018/19

Our Residents Annual Report features some interesting information on how we performed last year, including a breakdown of our income and expenditure and things like complaints, anti-social behaviour and repairs. You can download the Annual Report by clicking on the link below.

If you would like more information, please contact 0300 123 1 567 or email businessanalysisteam@radian.co.uk.

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We aim to maintain a high standard of service and our performance is regularly monitored by our customers, our board, our management team, and our regulator, the Homes and Communities Agency.

You can view our latest quarterly performance reports by clicking the links below:

Gender Pay Gap Report

The gender pay gap for Radian has continued to rise since its introduction in 2017, which is a common trend in other organisations within the UK, where 4 out of 10 companies have highlighted in the last 2 years that their gender pay gaps have increased in favour of males.

When looking closer into why the gender pay gap is in favour of males, it is predominantly owing to a largely male dominated trades team whose pay structure differs to office-based roles. These roles offer Task Related Pay (TRP) which increase the bonus pay gap in favour of males and therefore ultimately the gender pay gap. It should be noted that since the 2018 gender pay gap results, we have increased our female trade workers from 2 to 7 at the time of this reporting.

A further reason for Radian’s gender pay gap is that there are more females in the lower banded roles, whilst there are more males operating in the higher graded, senior roles; another common theme in many organisations within the UK.

Finally, in the 12 months up to the snapshot date of reporting (5th April 2019) 57.3% of leavers were female, but only 49.0% were starters. This was increased in senior levels (job grades 15+) were females made up 63.3% of leavers and 31.0% of starters.

Putting our results into a Housing context, the average gender pay gap in Housing has increased to 8.1% from 7.8% in favour of males, with 22 out of 43 Housing Associations increasing in favour of males. The proportion of women in top quartile pay fell year-on-year at 23 of 43 associations and overall, men outnumber women at the top in 34 out of 46 landlords. Only 13% of Housing Associations have a gender pay gap in favour of women.

From an equal pay perspective (based on full-time equivalent salaries) Radian remains compliant, therefore meaning both males and females have equal pay for equal work, largely caused by the Hays Job Evaluation grade bandings.

Radian has now made a formal commitment at Board level to decrease our Gender Pay Gap.

Radian has now hired an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Manager, starting in December 2019, to aid in this work.

You can view our latest Gender Pay Gap Report below:

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