Our Strategy & Vision

Radian’s new Corporate Strategy is all about realising our potential as a provider of affordable housing across Southern England.

The plan takes us from 2018 to 2023 and covers our four areas of focus: community, customer, property and people.

We will reclaim our landlord role for the benefit of all our communities; working in partnership across all sectors, delivering sustainable outcomes to meet diverse needs.

  • We will renew our relationships with our local authority partners, understanding and proposing opportunities on how we can work better together; reviewing transfer and nominations agreements, creating new offerings and different solutions to meet housing need.
  • We will work with partners; build on existing funding to deliver employment, skills and training to our residents and wider community by leveraging extra funds for community investment outcomes.
  • We will establish a whole community approach to increase social capital on our larger estates to increase resilience.
  • We will explore relationships and potential partnerships with the NHS and other sectors; creating delivery models (products and services appropriately evidenced) to improve the health and wellbeing of our residents and communities.

We will motivate and empower our customers to  realise their aspirations and meet their needs throughout their lives by designing and delivering intelligent services supported by modern and intuitive technology.

  • We will invest to digitally transform our organisation improving our customers experience; delivering our roadmap, redesigning processes, systems and structures
  • We will design and adopt a new housing management approach to deliver a customer obsessed experience through simplified and self service processes with more decisions taken at point of first contact; constructing our time tofocus on pre tenancy eligibility to sustain tenancies and reduce voids and arrears.
  • We will use customer segmentation and profiling to design, enhance and deliver services to meet needs of customers; maintaining deeper relationships through improved understanding of their needs.
  • We will create an evidence base from which we will build intelligent services that meet the needs of our customers by establishing a planning and business intelligence focus.
  • We will establish and grow our estate management company and associated services for the residential market.
  • We will expand our employment support and training business to support new tenants not in work to become economically active.

We will develop quality homes across a variety of  tenures, researching and developing contemporary products to meet demand.

  • We will secure opportunities to increase development of new homes over the life of this plan as well as exploring opportunities to redevelop existing stock in line with development and asset management business plans.
  • We will deliver a market-lead development programme that achieves a minimum of 15% return on costs for private sales to ensure that we maximise production of retained affordable homes.
  • We will construct a development programme based predominantly on land acquisition and we will create further opportunities through joint ventures and package deals.
  • We will develop a brand for our housing developments that ensures the delivery of high quality new homes that meet and exceed residents expectations.
  • We will work with other agencies to develop models to meet the needs of the growing retirement market and to assist health services to alleviate delayed transfers.
  • We will ensure our Sales and Marketing function has the expertise and flexibility required to support this agenda.

We will actively manage our stock for investment and regulatory purposes.

  • We will identify opportunities for regeneration and environmental improvement on suitable existing sites.
  • We will refresh our five year asset management plan detailing investment plans for our stock including redevelopment opportunities.
  • We will review our non social housing assets, completing options appraisals to identify those for sale, renewal, change of tenure, demolition or refurbishment.
  • We will review the use of our existing office accommodation and potentially redesign to effectively match the needs of a modern and innovative organisation in line with staffing and customer service delivery.
  • We will review our portfolio of residential leasehold properties, their costs and benefits and introduce a new charging structure to all leaseholders.

We will be a high performing results orientated business led by strong and modern leadership. All of our people will be skilful, innovative and tenacious, driving effective customer service.

  • We will design our people approaches to allow specialisms where appropriate and build succession plans to develop people according to their aspirations and business needs.
  • We will create a back-to-basics approach to challenge all aspects of our business through a customer focused (efficient and effective) lens.
  • We will implement a project to drive digital and remote working to increase collaboration across the business specifying IT kit profiles aligned to role and location of work.


We will be the landlord who builds vibrant, healthy, successful communities  where people can put down roots, prosper and thrive.


To offer a variety of rental and home ownership  products and services to  meet customer, community and housing need.

Partnerships & Projects strategy

A strategy for strong communities, resilience and ambition.
This strategy sets out the way in which, through partnership, we will focus collective resources in the communities where need is greatest.

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