Our Strategy & Vision

The exciting partnership between Radian and Yarlington creates a new organisation with over 39,530 homes and assets, 79,000 customers, 1,350 colleagues and a combined asset register worth £6bn. This signals the beginning of a new era, one filled with significant opportunity and a unique chance to re-shape the business to better meet future customers’ needs and create social value.

This interim strategy sets out how we will maintain current service delivery, build firm foundations for future success and how we will realise our long-term potential. This is our moment in time to differentiate, innovate and make a real impact in the communities we are committed to.

Our new Interim Corporate Strategy is all about realising our potential as a provider of affordable housing across Southern England.


We are committed to meeting housing need by:

  • Increasing housing supply across a wide range of tenures
  • Ensuring our homes are great places to live
  • Delivering genuinely affordable housing options

We are committed to meeting community need by:

  • Providing services to our communities to enhance opportunity and quality of life
  • Increasing our investment into community projects that create community benefit
  • Meeting significantly higher environmental standards and addressing fuel poverty

We will achieve our objectives by working with our three greatest assets:

  • Our Customers – we will listen to the voice of our customers and use it to shape every aspect of our business. We will place our customers at the heart of our business.
  • Our Colleagues – our people are our differentiating factor. Talented, well-supported and motivated by our values, they deliver exceptional work for our customers.
  • Scale – our scale gives us opportunities to be more efficient, more effective and to have real influence on behalf of our customers and colleagues.

We have many dedicated pieces of work to do to ensure a successful partnership and the following three components are deliberately listed in order of priority:

  • Business as usual – we will run two parallel organisations, safeguarding our ability to deliver our current service standards to our customers.
  • Integration – we will produce an integration strategy that sets out a clear road-map for future change.
  • Service transformation – we will transform our current customer service model, creating a new target operating model.

Our ambition is to create a values-led organisation that does more than either legacy organisation could to create positive impact in its communities.

Our values are:

  • Be the Difference
  • Always Curious
  • Achieving Together
  • Own it Openly
  • Embrace Possibility

We will be introducing research projects to produce clear answers about what we could do, who we might partner with and what impact new projects might have.

We will be initiating research projects on 15 big questions, including:

  • Explore new social rent options?
  • What is our response to acute homelessness?
  • What is our response to mental health provision?

We want to ensure that a renewed identity is launched alongside a clear statement of intent to our customers, colleagues, stakeholders and the wider world about the organisation’s future.

We will create an organisation that strongly differentiates itself based on the things it says and does.

Partnerships & Projects strategy

A strategy for strong communities, resilience and ambition.
This strategy sets out the way in which, through partnership, we will focus collective resources in the communities where need is greatest.

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