Customer Charter

We always try to give you the best service possible.

Our Customer Charter describes the standards customers can expect from us. These standards have been developed by the Residents’ Scrutiny Group and they will be monitoring the delivery as part of their scrutiny role.

We aim to help you by:

Providing high-quality homes and services that improve your wellbeing and raise your satisfaction.

  • Continuing to seek fresh ways of providing you with high-quality homes and services.
  • Working with local people so you can help us make important decisions. This ensures we can deal with the things that matter most to local people in the way they want us to deal with them.
  • Talking with you to find out what you want and what you need; then making sure our services reflect these needs. We ask you to tell us how well we are doing and we respond to the feedback you give us.

Listening to our customers and staff so they feel able to get involved and have a say. We want people to feel inspired to achieve their best.

  • Treating you as you want to be treated and responding to you promptly, fairly and politely.
  • Offering you a choice of ways to get involved and influence the way we do things. This means you can help shape the way we make decisions, and improve our delivery of services to you.
  • Regularly giving you clear information so you can judge how we are doing and help us keep improving.
  • Saying sorry when we get things wrong. We try our best to put things right and learn from our mistakes. If you want to make a complaint, the process is clear and easy to use.
  • Always looking at whether we are making the best use of money. We call this getting value for money. We keep you up to date on how we are spending money, how we are saving it and what any savings are being used for.


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