Supplying to Radian

Thank you for your interest in supplying to Radian. Before making contact, we invite you to first read through these pages.

Radian usually engages with suppliers with a specific requirement already in mind. Please avoid making speculative sales calls or requesting meetings. If you wish to make us aware of your products or services, please register directly on our portal. If you have further questions, please contact the procurement team by email to

Most of our regular purchases come from either a single supplier or a small group of suppliers, under some form of contract. With a few exceptions – mainly one-off, lower-value requirements – we award contracts through competitive quotations or tenders. This process varies according the nature of the requirement and its expected value over the contract’s lifetime.

Some maintenance work on our housing stock is carried out by pre-screened contractors on our Approved Contractors and Consultants List (ACCL).

New opportunities

Whatever the requirement, Radian managers can use a variety of means to identify both known and new suppliers and invite them to bid, including (but not always limited to) companies registered on Radian’s e-tendering portal.

Many opportunities are advertised on the portal. The main exceptions are closed bids and framework-based competitions.

Those above £25,000 also generally appear on the Government Contracts Finder site – simply search on “Radian”. Special tendering rules apply for high-value (“OJEU”) contracts.

New suppliers

We welcome suppliers of all kinds, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) .

Depending on the type of goods, services or works involved, prospective suppliers should be prepared beforehand to provide copies of their certification and other evidence in line with due diligence. All new construction contractors, and certain other suppliers, must be registered on the ACCL before any work can be awarded.  ACCL membership includes a commitment to keep certification updated over time.

For those who process personal data, or are in direct contact with vulnerable adults or children, we seek assurances regarding GDPR and awareness of safeguarding .

Suppliers might operate in a single Radian area , or across the region.

The small print

Except where agreed otherwise, Radian’s Terms and Conditions apply to all procurements.

Like other public organisations, Radian must comply with certain laws and regulations, including the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. These are reflected in our own policies and procedures. Contracts are secured in line with our Financial Regulations, including value thresholds for quotations and tenders.

The Procurement team can help with any queries – get in touch via email to



Page last updated 30 October 2019

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