Supplying to Radian

Thank you for your interest in supplying to Radian. Please read through this page carefully first.

In common with other Registered Providers of Housing (RPs), Radian must comply with certain laws and regulations. For example, all our procurements need to be in line with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

Radian’s own policies and procedures reflect these legal and regulatory frameworks. Contracts are secured in line with our Financial Regulations, which include – among other factors – value thresholds for quotations and tenders.

Two important recent initiatives for many suppliers concern personal data and awareness of safeguarding.

We generally engage with potential suppliers based on a specific requirement. You can see below how requirements are usually advertised. Please avoid making speculative sales calls or visits. If you wish to make us aware of your products or services, please email


Radian areas

Our housing stock spreads across four geographic areas (Avon, Rother, Solent and Thames). Contractors may operate in a single area or more widely.


General requirements

Where a need is identified for goods or services not already covered in-house or by an existing term contract, Radian managers can use a variety of channels to identify both known and new suppliers and invite them to quote or bid. Channels can include: recommendations, trade associations, web searches and registrations on the e-tendering portal.

Please note that for new developments carried out by an external prime contractor, supply of materials and services are generally handled through this contractor rather than through Radian.


Ad hoc construction work

Where we need to call on specialist skills for construction-related jobs (“works”), we usually first turn to the pool of pre-approved organisations on the Approved Contractors and Consultants List (ACCL). Many of these are smaller companies providing services such as adaptations for disabled residents, damp-proofing, landscaping, electrical testing and specialist surveys.

To join, contractors must first be invited by a member of Radian staff, and then go through an application process including due diligence. You can find more details on the ACCL page.


Term contracts

For requirements leading to a contract running for several years, we will go through a competitive quotation or tendering process. The process varies according the nature of the requirement and its estimated value over the expected length of the contract.

Our selection criteria generally include quality as well as cost, including overall value for money.

Suppliers range from national and regional organisations to smaller, locally-based businesses.

Once a term contract is in place, with very few exceptions Radian will use the supplier(s) concerned for all relevant work.


High-value contracts

For contracts above certain value thresholds, Radian’s procurement process is governed by external as well as our internal regulations. Opportunities may be advertised in Contracts Finder, the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and on the procurement (e-tendering) portal.

Some contracts are secured through a framework agreement. Only those organisations that are already awarded onto a framework can take part.


Due diligence

Irrespective of the type of contract, we always seek evidence of our suppliers’ good standing including (where relevant):

  • Company registration number (or equivalent), VAT registration, unique tax reference
  • Financial status – for some contracts, this may be checked through Radian’s licenced credit reference agency
  • Adherence to legislation and policies covering such aspects as probity, anti-bribery, modern slavery, data protection (including GDPR)
  • Awareness of Safeguarding and reporting options
  • Declaration of any conflicts of interest

Depending on the size and nature of your business, we may also ask for sight of the following, as relevant:

  • Professional certification or qualifications, relevant memberships
  • Insurances such as Public, Employer’s and Professional Liability, as required by law and best practice
  • Any other certification relevant to the services, goods or works to be supplied.
  • Where personal data may be shared, evidence of payment of the annual notification fee to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Where organisations undertake a single job of work (and are not for example on the ACCL), Radian expects them to adhere to the same due diligence standards as those shown above.


Terms and conditions

For building works, Radian uses JCT 2016 (Joint Contracts Tribunal) forms, primarily:

  • Design and build
  • Measured term
  • Minor works

Most goods and services contracts are based on standard Radian terms and conditions.


Page last updated 11 September 2018


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