Supplying to Radian

Thank you for your interest in supplying to us.

Radian and Yarlington officially formed our new partnership on 4 November 2019. Our new organisation now manages 39,530 homes and assets, with 79,000 customers living in our homes across the south and south west of England. We plan to deliver 10,000 new homes over the next 10 years.

As a single organisation, we will be combining our contracting requirements to support the new operating structure and geographical scope.

In order to supply to us and to see published opportunities we encourage all suppliers to register on both of our procurement portals. We welcome applications from Micro Enterprises and SMEs.

Contracting opportunities above £25,000 will appear on the Government Contracts Finder.

If your organisation includes both operational areas, we strongly recommend registering with both sites.

Please avoid making speculative sales calls or requesting meetings with representatives of our organisation. If you wish to make us aware of your products or services, please register on one or both of our portals, where any tendering opportunities will be published.

If you have further questions for the Radian procurement team, please contact us by email to

New suppliers

Depending on the type of goods, services or works involved, prospective suppliers should be ready to provide copies of their insurance certificates and other evidence in line with due diligence. All new construction contractors, and certain other suppliers, must be registered on our Approved Contractors list (“ACCL”) ahead of being awarded any work.

If staff from your organisation could be in direct contact with vulnerable adults or children, we seek assurances regarding awareness of safeguarding.

The small print

Except where agreed otherwise, our organisation’s Terms and Conditions and payment process apply to all procurement opportunities.

Like other public organisations, Radian must comply with certain laws and regulations, including the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. These are reflected in our own regulations, policies and procedures including minimum value thresholds for quotations and tenders. Contracts are secured in line with our Financial Regulations, including value thresholds for quotations and tenders.

The Procurement team can help with any queries; please get in touch via email to



Page last updated 11 February 2020

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