Approved Contractors

All contractors operating in construction and related areas must, as a condition of working for Radian, provide us with up-to-date copies of insurances, health & safety compliance and other relevant documentation, and to keep these updated. This provides the all-round assurance that we are working together in meeting necessary legal and professional standards.  The principle extends from small companies carrying out minor works, to those contributing to major property developments.

Meanwhile, for smaller works, our Technical Services managers need to know that contractors can start without the overhead of carrying out due diligence from scratch.  Most opportunities are funded directly by Radian, but occasionally by a local authority.

What is the ACCL?

The Radian Approved Contract/Consultant List (ACCL) is a detailed internal list of construction contractors and certain other suppliers that have undergone general due diligence screening as part of the acceptance process.  After sign-up, contractors are required to keep key certification up-to-date as a condition of membership. For most small works, managers almost invariably call on the pool of listed suppliers.

Note that we may restrict the number of specialists in any one field to avoid diluting the opportunities for our existing contractors.

How do I join?

Membership of the ACCL is strictly by invitation from a Radian manager with specialist trade knowledge. We cannot consider unsolicited requests to join, and listing does not in itself guarantee any work with Radian.

Following an invitation, you will first need to register your company on In-Tend if you have not already done so. Please choose a primary email address that you can check regularly.

You will then need to complete a set of questionnaires and to submit supporting insurance certificates and other documents as electronic (‘soft’) copies. You can see an indicative list under Due Diligence.This demonstrates that your company operates to full legal and professional standards.

As each certificate expires, you will be reminded to upload a new copy.

What happens next?

If your company is selected by one of our managers to quote for a particular job, you will be contacted (usually though not always via the portal) with details.

Additionally, you can see any relevant ‘open quote’ jobs that are advertised on the portal, and decide if you would like to bid for these.

Please note that in some specialist areas we may still ask you to provide further evidence.

Leaving the ACCL

If at any time you wish to have your company removed from the ACCL, please contact the Procurement team via

Radian may at its discretion suspend or remove a contractor due to failure to keep certificates up-to-date, financial status, quality of work, long-term inactivity or other reasons.



Page last updated 30 October 2019

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