Due diligence

Before appointing a new supplier, or authorising most payments, Radian must take reasonable steps to ensure that they are financially and professionally sound. This is sometimes called “undertaking due diligence”.

Company status

To comply with HMRC and other requirements, we will need to see evidence on letterhead of your bank account details (including payee name where a sole trader is trading under another name), company, charity or equivalent registration, VAT registration, Unique Taxpayer Reference and/or National Insurance number as applicable.

We may also ask about recent trading history and may take up references. Financial track record may be checked through Radian’s licensed credit reference agency.

Declaration of a possible conflict of interest or previously-terminated contract does not in itself stop a company working for Radian. Each application is judged on its merits. However, for transparency, it is important that you declare these at the outset. Deliberate concealment is fraud.


This largely depends on what you could be supplying to Radian, along with the size and constitution of your organisation. It might include for example:

  • Professional certification or qualifications, operational and trades certificates, relevant memberships
  • Insurances such as Public, Employer’s and Professional Liability
  • Membership of a recognised Safety Scheme in Procurement (SSiP) scheme
  • Health & safety status
  • ICO certificate
  • Enhanced DBS clearances
  • Adherence to legislation and policies covering area such as probity, anti-bribery, equality & diversity and modern slavery
  • Awareness of Safeguarding and how to report any concerns.


You may be invited to submit your company’s policies for some activities. If your company does not have such policies, we ask that you agree to follow Radian’s own which you can view on our Policies page.

It’s very likely that you will have provided such details to other clients already.

If you expect to be working with Radian over a period of time, we will agree the best way for you to keep us updated with current certification.



Page last updated 7 June 2019

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