Payments to suppliers

Radian staff must raise a Purchase Order (PO) ahead of any goods or services being supplied or work being undertaken. The only exceptions are call-offs from established term contracts, and a strictly limited range of low-value, low-risk activities that can be settled as sundry payments.

Before we can raise any such PO, the supplier must already be set up already on our Finance system. This can include some preliminary checks (sometimes called Due Diligence) that as a Housing Association we need to undertake.

Please therefore allow time for necessary initial processes before formally agreeing to supply goods, services or works.

By default, Radian’s Terms and Conditions apply.

We may be unable to allow a new account on the Finance system and therefore authorise payment where we already have a contract, or other suitable source.

Invoices should both quote any PO number, and give enough detail to support any subsequent audit trail, for example contact name, date(s), nature and location of service provided or delivery of goods.

The great majority of payments are made through BACS.

In future, payment to a supplier for goods or services already supplied may be delayed where these protocols have not been followed. If you have any questions, please ask your contact in Radian for clarification, or get in touch with the Procurement team.



Page last updated 10 May 2019

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