Procurement (e-tendering) portal

Quotations, tenders and other procurement-related activities within Radian are handled through an online portal called In-Tend.


Guidance for suppliers

Before registering for the first time, please read through the documentation on Guidance for Suppliers. Together with the web pages you are now reading, this documentation is fully up-to-date, and may supersede the wording on the portal’s Welcome screen.

If you lose your password or are locked out of your account, please contact In-Tend’s own staff are unable to assist with this.



Registration on the e-procurement portal is a pre-requisite for:

  • Joining (by invitation) the Approved Contractors and Consultants Lists (ACCL)
  • Notifying an expression of interest in an advertised quotation or tender
  • Participating in quotation and tender bids
  • Document distribution and return, award process, email management and traceability associated with the above.

Please note that registration on In-Tend does not by itself guarantee any work with Radian.



We may suspend suppliers’ In-Tend accounts who have not kept certification up to date, have not responded to key correspondence, have been inactive for a long period, or for other business reasons.


Last words

You may come across ‘R-Buy’ in some older Radian documents. This was the name used previously for In-Tend.

If for any reason, you do not wish to continue your Radian procurement portal registration, you can ask us to archive your account.


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