Smaller businesses

This page provides some guidelines for smaller businesses, sometimes called Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). This covers sole traders and organisations with up to 250 employees. Many of our valued contractors are at the ‘smaller’ end of the scale.

Working for Radian

Radian aims to make its quotation and tender opportunities accessible to all organisations including smaller businesses by ensuring that our procurement processes are fair, open and transparent. Most communications are via email or online.

Please bear in mind that we must always carry out due diligence checks beforehand on factors such as professional certification and financial standing.

In general, we are unlikely to follow up speculative enquiries.

Radian residents’ EST programme

As part of our commitment to Social Value, Radian’s own Employment, Support and Training (EST) programme can help residents with finding work, training, apprenticeships or voluntary opportunities. EST also supports residents who already run their own businesses or are hoping to do so.

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Page last updated 14 May 2019


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