Achieving Together to improve our communities

Anti-social behaviour can have a huge impact on our customers and communities and we are committed to tackling such behaviour. Matthew Barton, Housing Officer – Avon, and Simon Lawrence, Community Safety Officer, explain how we’re working together to achieve this.

How do we do this?

We can only tackle this by working together to ensure that any incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB) are addressed .

Recently, the Avon Housing team, together with a Community Safety Officer and our Legal team, worked closely with Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council and Dorset Police to tackle an on-going anti-social behaviour issue. This resulted in the courts granting full closure orders to the local authority on two properties in the Poole area that were the centre of nuisance behaviour to the wider community. This action meant that those residents were not allowed to return to their properties for a period of three months.

What do the closure orders mean?

These closure orders meant that we were able to seek possession of these properties using the ASB absolute ground for possession, ground 7A, which is a mandatory ground. The courts must award possession if any one of five specified conditions is met and the landlord has served a notice of seeking possession. The granting of a closure order comes under condition four and therefore the County Court granted us outright possession orders on both properties. We have now taken back possession of these properties via the court bailiff.

This action sends a clear message to the small minority that we will not tolerate such behaviour in our properties and that we will use the legal powers available to us to ensure residents can live in their communities without the fear of this type of behaviour.

What were our next steps?

Since the closure orders, we have installed our own CCTV, paid for out of our Community Safety budget, replacing the council system, which has made residents and staff feel much safer.

By working with Jason Chung, Planned Works Service Manager, the block has been decorated internally and washed down externally at no cost to our residents, leaving them feeling happier in their community.

Some of the comments we have received are:

“Radian has worked with the council and the police to improve where we live.”

“The last couple of months have seen a huge improvement.”

“The block looks much tidier and I feel safer visiting the block”

Scott Greenwood, our in-house solicitor who advised and represented us in this case, commented:

“This is now our sixth case in which we have used the ASB absolute ground for possession. The court making possession orders in these cases provided our residents with the right to peacefully enjoy their properties without the fear of this type of behaviour affecting them. We will not hesitate to use the full legal powers available to us to address ASB in our communities, which is not only important to ensure the safety of our residents, but also to show our regulator the strong, robust but fair stance we are taking in dealing with these issues. These outcomes in these types of cases are only possible by great partnership work with the Police and local authority and our teams working well together.”

This action shows that we take reports of anti-social behaviour seriously and demonstrates that by working together as ‘One Radian’, we can Be the Difference in our communities.

Any customers experiencing anti-social behaviour can call us on 0300 123 1567 to report it.