Community Safety & ASB

The Community Safety team deals with serious anti-social behaviour (ASB) and domestic abuse.

Everyone has a duty to make sure that their behaviour and that of their visitors does not interrupt others’ rights to live peacefully in their home and surroundings. We do not tolerate anti-social behaviour (ASB) and have set procedures to follow when you report an incident to us. All reports are treated seriously regardless of whether immediate action is taken.


Reporting anti-social behaviour

Any incidents of anti-social behaviour can be reported via our Report ASB page or by calling us 0300 123 1 567. You can also write to us or tell a member of staff.

When you contact us please have as much information to hand as possible including details of the incident, eg date and time, incident number if it was necessary to call the police, and details of any other agencies that the incident was reported to.

In severe cases of nuisance, you may wish also to report it to the police and ask for a log number.

In cases of noise nuisance, a complaint should also be made to your local authority.

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