James’ story

James completed the ‘Create’ course in Gosport and based his learning around his new kitesurfing business ‘Forty1 Kitesurfing’ which combines his background in Mechanical Engineering and his love of the sport.  His passion for innovation, as well as making the sport more accessible were the driving forces to start his own business.

He is currently perfecting his flagship product, the ‘Hydrofin’ which mixes innovation, design and engineering to aid performance in the water and make kitesurfing in lighter winds and shallower waters more available, more accessible and more fun.

James is a quintessential inventor, designer and entrepreneur and is potentially on the verge of huge success in his field as we await the official launch of the Hydrofin.



“I’m a mechanical engineer by background. Where we are based at Hayling Island, larger Hydrofoils wouldn’t actually work so I wanted to develop something which would be easier to ride and can be used in shallow waters to make it a lot more accessible.

“I look at these things and I think; so many people who are entrepreneurs or business owners, they’re not necessarily better or more intelligent than you, they just have the will to do something about it.

“When the company I worked for moved to the US, I got made redundant, but I wanted to use that as an opportunity for myself to really be in control of my own life.

“There are a lot of business courses which are very theoretical, but they never really touch on the actual realities of what you need to do when you start a business. With Radian’s ‘Create’ course, you hear about the practicalities of what you need to do as well as the theoretical side of how to do a business plan, how to do a cash flow, etc.

“The support Radian offer after the course has finished is also really unique. Through the course, I’ve got to see such a wider and bigger world, and for me it makes me feel part of the community. Everyone starts off not knowing and that’s a very normal process when you’re starting a business.

“Don’t be afraid to try it and if you have an opportunity I would always recommend someone to go for it.”