Project partners

Working together for the best results…

The Employment Support and Training Team have successfully worked in partnership with a variety of organisations and funding providers and recently secured over £500,000 of external income, which we are using to deliver projects benefitting both Radian residents and wider audiences.  We believe working together produces the best results and are delighted to be currently collaborating on two fantastic projects, both of which compliment our work and company ethos.


Increase Valorisation Sociale

Increase Valorisation Sociale is an innovative cross-channel project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) that aims to promote self-employment to people who are unemployed.  Increase Valorisation Sociale translated into English means ‘Increase Social Value’, a term used to describe the wider social gain of people being in employment.  With an overall grant of over £5,000 000 Radian is one of ten delivery partners working across the south east of England and the north of France to provide entrepreneurship training and the other skills required to achieve the goal of starting 1200 new businesses.  A generous grant of £470.000 from ERDF, along with a £270,000 investment by Radian is enabling us to deliver ‘Create’, our self employment training to more people than ever before!  The project will run until 2020.

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