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Are you an employer looking for professional and motivated staff?

If you’re a business with paid, voluntary or work experience positions available we would love to hear from you! We can connect you with incredible people and help you fill temporary or permanent vacancies with clients with relevant skills and qualifications, who we have supported and are now ready for employment. In particular we are looking for forward-thinking companies who are able to provide voluntary or work experience opportunities to people looking to build their confidence, overcome personal challenges and start a fresh after a difficult past.


Training providers

Do you offer training and qualifications?

A large element of the work the Employment Support and Training team deliver is providing our residents with the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and qualifications needed to boost their confidence and employability.  If you are a training provider then we would encourage you to contact us to tell us about the opportunities you offer.  We also work in partnership with professionals and organisations that facilitate and deliver bespoke training.


Support organisations

Do you enjoy making a difference too?

The Employment Support and Training team are always open to working with organisations and project partners with similar aims and objectives and believe that by combining ideas, resources and funding we can accomplish ambitious outcomes and make a real difference to the lives of people we are looking to help.


For more information please call the EST team on 023 9259 5158 or email



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