Safety in the Home

At Radian we undertake a range of measures to ensure that your home is safe:

What we do as your landlord:

  • All blocks of flats have an independent fire safety assessment, supplemented by monthly inspections by our staff, including a visual check of fire safety arrangements
  • Additional fire risk inspections are undertaken by our dedicated Fire Risk Assessment Estate Wardens
  • We fit smoke alarms for FREE – we are steadily replacing battery smoke alarms with main powered alarms.
  • We service your gas boiler annually and make sure it is safe – when we do this we will also test your smoke alarm.
  • If you do not have a gas boiler in your home Radian Services trades operative will test your smoke alarm when routine repairs are undertaken.
  • We will undertake a Fire Risk Assessment where front doors open on to a communal corridor – this identifies where people have left rubbish and obstacles in communal areas that could act as fuel for fire or obstruct escape routes.
  • We will service and maintain fire alarms and equipment where they are installed in communal areas.


What you can do:

  • Report any vandalism or damage to fire equipment to us.
  • Help us to keep fire exits, stairs and corridors clear of rubbish or other obstacles.
  • Make sure you let us in to service your boiler, carry out gas safety checks and test your smoke alarm each year.
  • Don’t block fire doors or wedge them open.
  • Report anything that looks suspicious


You can read more information about Fire Safety, Gas Safety and Electrical Safety by clicking on the links below:


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