Electrical safety

The Electrical Safety Council have created a great leaflet on electrical safety whilst living in shared rented accommodation. The leaflet, called Living Together Safely, contains essential safety tips including dos and don’ts. It also highlights the responsibilities of the landlord and tenant in relation to the property and what to look for when looking at new accommodation.

Hard copies of the Living Together Safely leaflet can be obtained by emailing the ESC at leaflets@esc.org.uk or by calling the ESC helpline on 020 3463 5100.

They have also launched a new Smartphone app; Home Electrical Safety Check. The app allows anyone to do a quick visual check to ensure a property is electrically safe and highlights potential dangers in each room. It explains how to resolve simple problems or where they should be flagged to an electrician. The app can also be used by tenants to flag issues to landlords.

You can downloaded the app free of charge from www.esc.org.uk/visualchecks.

If you have any concerns about electricals or any other matter in your property, you can call Radian on 0300 123 1 567.

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