Fuel servicing

Gas and other boiler servicing

We are committed to making sure your heating and hot water systems work efficiently and safely through annual gas safety tests and servicing.

As well as the legal obligation to carry out safety checks each year, we also commit to undertake a full service of boilers. This minimises the chance of your boiler breaking down as our engineers can detect and rectify imminent faults during routine servicing. Servicing not only gives peace of mind that your boiler is safe but regular checks maximise efficiency and reduce emissions. Also there is no additional cost as it’s already paid for in your rent.


Help us make your home safe – your responsibilities

You must allow us access to the property to carry out maintenance or safety checks on appliances and/or flues that we provide for your use. We have a legal obligation to carry out a check of your boiler every 12 months. To meet our legal obligation we have set procedures in place to ensure gas servicing is managed safely and effectively.

Please ensure you keep appointments for gas servicing and safety checks. If you need to change an appointment please contact Customer Services on 0300 123 1567.

Two attempts to service boilers are made before starting follow-up action. Fortunately follow-up action is not a regular occurrence as the majority of residents are helpful in ensuring checks take place.

Follow-up action is started after two attempts on any overdue service, where access has not been granted. The procedure we follow can ultimately result in seeking an injunction from the courts to gain access. Tenancy agreements state that reasonable access to enter the property to carry out repairs or inspections is necessary. It also states that legal action may be taken and any costs incurred will be sought from the resident (currently approx £1,000) if court action taken. Ultimately missed apppointments lead to an increase in rent and also slow down the service for other residents.


Your own gas appliances

Do make sure that any gas appliances you own are installed and regularly maintained/checked by a Gas Safe Register installer.  If you are in doubt about the safety of any appliance, don’t use it until its been checked.

When we service your boiler we will note any other gas appliances that you are responsible for, and if your appliance is considered unsafe, we will notify you of the action you should take. In some circumstances we may disconnect the appliance.


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