#BigHousingThankYou to our colleagues

We’d like to say a #BigHousingThankyou to our colleagues

Today we come together as one sector to shine a spotlight on the hard work of our colleagues on the frontline, to say thank you.

Since government advice to stay at home, our teams across the sector have worked tirelessly to support customers in the best and safest way possible. At Radian, our teams have continued to deliver essential services and directly support those most in-need during this challenging time.

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Below we have compiled just some of the work they have been undertaking.

Community involvement

Our Community Involvement team have been working in multiple areas to assist partners and local authorities in tackling the challenges raised by COVID-19. Since the beginning of April, they have provided more than £25,353 in community grants, partnered with schools to provide young people with hot meals, and distributed hundreds of food parcels to low-income families, totalling 1,600+ hot meals and food parcels.

The team have also partnered with three Local Authority community hubs to distribute food and medicine to vulnerable residents shielding from the virus.

Through our community investment zone framework, we will continue to work with out community partners to support our customers and local communities as we recover from Covid-19.


The Buddy Club

Set up by the Community Team, and run by Customer Services, the Buddy Club was set up to combat social isolation and loneliness at this time. The team provide regular companionship and emotional support through daily phone calls to our most vulnerable customers. They not only make sure individuals have food, medication and other necessities, but also make time for a chat. Since starting, the team have made 2000+ calls and received a lot of positive feedback.


Employment support

Our Employment, Support and Training team has worked hard to compile accessible digital resources since the directive to stay at home. This offer gives people the opportunity to access training and employment support from home and increases employability options too. The team have made over 900 contacts with customers, providing advice, guidance and training support via our digital platforms, including CV and interview advice, wellbeing and self-employment courses.


Reaching income targets

During this time, colleagues have been re-deployed to essential services, including Income, to support customers in need of financial advice. At year end the Income team were pleased to have met and exceeded targets, raising £3.1million in benefits for our customers. Since March, the team have also received 729 universal credit claims which have all been successfully triaged. By re-deploying colleagues from other areas of the business we have been able to respond to the increased requirement for welfare support.


Working on the frontline

To ensure the safety of our customers, emergency and critical repairs continue to be provided in our properties by essential trades, based on a three-week rota, covering all essential repairs in the East. With the help of our dedicated workforce, who volunteered to stay on the rota, we have been able to deliver a reliable service. Colleagues who are part of our non-essential trades volunteered for redeployment to help other teams with maintaining the hygiene of the properties and communal areas for FRA and sheltered accommodation. We would like to thank trades for their commitment and support to safeguard residents. We’ve received positive and encouraging feedback from customers and ILS on the delivery of these services.

Our Independent Living team have been making sure our schemes, and our customers who live in them, are safe and supported. The team work year-round to ensure that those living in our schemes have the support they need to thrive and their dedication has never been more important than now. Older and more vulnerable people are most at risk, and their work to protect our customers is invaluable, not only for customers but for families who have been grateful for the reassurance the team can provide.


A huge #BigHousingThankYou to all frontline housing colleagues, in our organisation and across the country.