Championing customer service through video

Video is an invaluable way to find out how our customers really feel about the issues that affect them in our communities on a day-to-day basis. It’s also undeniably the most powerful tool in creating a personal connection between an audience and the subject. This is why we produce Voice of the Customer videos for every Board meeting – it allows them to see, understand and connect with the problems our customers face in a way that is far more impactful than a written report.


Visualisation is key

We’ve been producing our Voice of the Customer videos for a few years but have recently changed their format. We now use a viewpoint narrative to tell our customers’ story in a more meaningful way, which has proven to have had a more profound impact than past videos.

Visualisation is key to getting our customers message across. To ensure our Board get a real insight into the needs of our customers, we empower everyone being filmed to talk honestly and openly on camera to the people who have the power to make a real difference within our organisation. We film them in their homes or wherever they are most comfortable in order to break down barriers and take our viewers directly into their situation.


Choosing the right topics

Each year we look at the housing agenda to find out what topics are highest priority in the sector. We then map these against our geography, current projects and company objectives to plan how and when we will deliver our videos to our Board. The aim is to give them a unique insight into a specific theme within our investment zones. These have included, ‘Life in High Rise,’ ‘Back to our roots: Our social purpose,’ and ‘Tackling Holiday Hunger’.

Before filming, we work with our Community Investment team to determine key messages. Key messages are based on what our customers are frequently raising concerns about. We then begin to structure the rough narrative of the video and compile appropriate questions to ask our customers.

We find customers to get involved by looking at feedback we have received in the past to make sure we find people who have something to say and want to be heard. We also contact partners who can give evidentiary support to the themes within the video.


Making a difference

All of the information we gather in our footage, even if it doesn’t make the final cut, is given to our Community Investment team, who ensure that any issues raised are looked into further.

For those of us in the organisation who aren’t frontline or customer facing staff, it’s rare that we get the chance to connect on such a personal level to our customers. Storytelling through video allows our Board to empathise with our customers. This is really important as the themes addressed support our Board in shaping our strategic approach and direction – this is where these videos add the most value. Our strategy of investing in communities where there is greatest need makes a significant difference to people’s lives and our videos are vital in evidencing this to our Board and reinforcing the impact they can have on our customers.

– Natasha Nater, Digital Communications Officer