#CommunitiesthatWork – Celebrating our Employment Support and Training services!

Investing in employment, support and training opportunities means someone can succeed regardless of their background or circumstance.

#CommunitiesthatWork week celebrates the work being done to help people overcome barriers and achieve.

To date, Radian’s Employment Support and Training team have:


But the work EST does would be nothing without the people who get involved, embrace new possibilities and take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

Sally’s story shows how a drive to make a change and a willingness to seek new opportunities can lead to a dream job.

We’ve met many inspirational people through our employment, support and training services, including through our ‘Create’ self-employment course which has now seen over 240 people graduate and counting. This has resulted in more than 100 businesses being set up by innovative entrepreneurs.

Just three of their stories are below:



James completed the ‘Create’ course in Gosport and based his learning around his new kitesurfing business ‘Forty1 Kitesurfing’ which combines his background in Mechanical Engineering and his love of the sport.  His passion for innovation, as well as making the sport more accessible were the driving forces to start his own business.

He is currently perfecting his flagship product, the ‘Hydrofin’ which mixes innovation, design and engineering to aid performance in the water and make kitesurfing in lighter winds and shallower waters more available, more accessible and more fun.

James is a quintessential inventor, designer and entrepreneur and is potentially on the verge of huge success in his field as we await the official launch of the Hydrofin.




We met Steve in March 2018 when his business idea, ‘Focus Waste Management’ was still on paper.  His waste collection and disposal business was always a lucrative idea, but his concept had to have minimal environmental impact wherever possible in order for Steve to fulfil his dream.

Focus Waste Management now aims to recycle/reuse at least 95% of all collections and he has striven to build a brand that his customers can trust to not only offer a reliable and friendly service but one that also has reducing landfill waste and effective recycling at its heart.

Focus Waste Management now operates in Hampshire, particularly in Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester and is expanding by way of its team members and fleet of vans.  Many waste items can be collected for free and Steve will gladly supply bins to encourage people to take responsibility for their own waste which Focus Waste Management can find new uses for elsewhere.

Steve was the winner of our Eco-Conscious in Business award at Radian’s Self Employment Conference and Awards this year.




Leila Hyde attended our ‘Create’ self-employment course in Gosport in 2018. She had been working as a self-employed dance teacher for a few months, teaching 1:1 and group classes on behalf of another company.

Leila wanted to build her own street dance company that was open to everyone, with a heightened importance of having fun, keeping fit and socialising rather than the pressure of being judged on dancing ability.

Her passion for dancing and helping people means her business brings people together in a warm and friendly environment to not only learn street dance, but to have fun and keep active. We’re confident that FUNkSTREET will be an absolute roaring success as Leila is a perfect example of building a business around your passion and never giving up.

FUNkSTREET provides competitively priced, hassle-free and fun street dance classes and dance parties for both adults and children of all ages and abilities.

Leila was the winner of Passion in Business Award at Radian’s Self Employment Conference and Awards this year.