Could Kick Start funding help you too?

We believe education should be inclusive and accessible to all. Young people living in our homes are eligible to apply for Kick Start funding. The funding is a Radian initiative, and applicants can use it for anything that will help with educational or career development, including but not limited to:

Just like a bursary, students and young people do not need to pay anything back.

Finola recently applied for Kick Start funding for a laptop. She needed to be able to take her laptop on her work placement to record data for coursework. Without it, she was worried she wouldn’t have been able to complete the course.

“My names Finola and I am 18 years old. I’m currently an apprentice at Kingston Maurward College studying mixed agriculture. Alongside college, I also work on a dairy farm.

“The course I am on is a Level 3, work based agricultural apprenticeship. I chose this course for my second year as it means I can spend more time on a farm and gain more experience as I come from a non-farming background. I found out about the funding after being recommended to apply from a friend.

“A lot of my course is assignment based and I needed a laptop to be able to complete my work on the farm and take it to and from college. If I hadn’t of been awarded the grant I wouldn’t have been able to complete my assignments and so would have failed my course.

“The laptop has allowed me to complete all my research on the farm. I’ve been able to expand my learning and understanding of agriculture, and complete all my work to the time scales set.

“The funding has helped me progress in my career as it has allowed me to expand my knowledge and do more independent work. In the future I hope to have my own farm and livestock while working for dairy research companies. The funding has got me a step further to achieving this.”

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