FUNkSTREET – Leila’s inclusive dance classes for everyone

Leila Hyde attended our ‘Create’ self-employment course in Gosport in 2018 for help with FUNkSTREET. She’d been working as a self-employed dance teacher for a few months, teaching 1:1 and group classes on behalf of another company.


Inclusive dance classes for everyone

Leila wanted to build her own street dance company that was open to everyone. It places importance on having fun, keeping fit and socialising rather than the pressure of being judged on dancing ability.

Her passion for dancing and helping people means her business brings people together in a warm and friendly environment. The aim is to not only learn street dance, but to have fun and keep active. We’re confident that FUNkSTREET will be an absolute roaring success. Leila is a perfect example of building a business around your passion and never giving up.

FUNkSTREET provides competitively priced, hassle-free and fun street dance classes. As well as dance parties, 1:1 lessons for all ages and abilities, and wedding ‘first dance’ lessons to couples getting married.

Leila was the winner of Passion in Business Award at Radian’s Self Employment Conference and Awards this year.



Leila said:

“There was always this niggling feeling that I wasn’t in the right thing and I needed to be pursuing what I actually loved. Until you try something new, you don’t know whether it’s what you’re going to love to do.

“It’s very easy to get stuck in a job. There’s so many things in life where you have this kind of idea and you think: “Oh I’d love to do that, but you know what, actually, I am too scared.” But actually, failure can sometimes be the thing that drives you forward.

“I want FUNkSTREET to be a place where people don’t have to worry about getting it wrong. Where they can give it a go because it is something they want to do, not because somebody has told them to do it.

“Because of the help I’ve had from Radian ‘Create’, I have been able to make something I didn’t think was possible a reality. With Radian’s ‘Create’ course, you go through step by step all of the things you might need. You get really useful handouts that stop you getting overwhelmed as you can read them in your own time.

“The course has given me that boost to know that I have got what I need. I have the resources and can now put everything all together and just do it. So, if you’ve got a passion then just don’t hold back and just give it a go.”

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FUNkSTREET inclusive dance classes for everyone