Steve’s success with his ethical waste business – Focus Waste Management

We met Steve in March 2018 when his business idea, ‘Focus Waste Management’ was still on paper.  His waste collection and disposal business was always a lucrative idea, but his concept had to have minimal environmental impact wherever possible in order for Steve to fulfil his dream.

Focus Waste Management now aims to recycle/reuse at least 95% of all collections and he has striven to build a brand that his customers can trust to not only offer a reliable and friendly service but one that also has reducing landfill waste and effective recycling at its heart.

Focus Waste Management now operates in Hampshire, particularly in Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester and is expanding by way of its team members and fleet of vans.  Many waste items can be collected for free and Steve will gladly supply bins to encourage people to take responsibility for their own waste which Focus Waste Management can find new uses for elsewhere.

Steve was the winner of our Eco-Conscious in Business award at Radian’s Self Employment Conference and Awards this year.



“I’m not one for working for somebody else, I never have been. I have always had in the back of my mind: “I want to do this, I want to do that, this is where I want to get to in life.” I trained to be a chef, I’ve worked in factories and my local shop but its never worked out for me.

“Then I received an invite from Radian to come along to their ‘Create’ course. I wasn’t working at the time as I was a carer for my son. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment I was there, and that’s how I got to where I am today.

“Many years ago, I worked as what they called then a Waste Operative at a hospital in Cornwall.  I discovered that people were paying the odds to have their waste removed but it wasn’t removed legally. So, from there, I obviously stemmed into Focus Waste Management. Everything we do, we do by the book.

“We do everything as ethically as we can, because that’s how we feel it should be done. That is our passion, that is our pride. For future generations, I know that the work I do now will make life good for my kids and their kids, but it’s also about the bigger picture and the people around us.

“Obviously working for somebody else is a lot easier – you’ve got no paperwork to worry about, you clock in at 9 and you clock out at 5. If anybody says in any business that they have no challenge, they’re lying. To make self-employment work for you so that you can have the life you want, you have got to put the hours into it. But it’s great, I wouldn’t change it, I absolutely love it. Being self-employed is the best thing in the world!”