Becoming self-employed – Jo Hompstead

Jo Hompstead owns Jo Hompstead HR, helping businesses to improve employee engagement and experience in their organisation through training, consultancy and engagement surveys. Jo is also a trained Workplace Mediator and experienced Independent Investigations Manager, supporting businesses to resolve conflicts in the best possible way.


Add value

After 17 years in a corporate environment, I wanted to become self-employed. I had reached the stage where I wanted to spend more time doing the things I love in areas I am passionate about. I wanted to work in areas where I could see real value being added to an organisation. Becoming self-employed allowed me to do this, with the added benefit of being my own boss and incorporating my work into who I am and the values I hold.

I started trading on 1 February 2018. My business is all about making relationships at work the best they can possibly be – helping to improve employee’s happiness and increase the value of an organisation.


Become part of a community

Setting up your own business can be lonely and particularly daunting. Finding the Create training course has been invaluable in supporting me through this time. I’m now a part of a community which provides genuine, pragmatic and personal support which has made a huge difference.

Because of the training, I have now considered all aspects of my new business, including:

• Financial planning
• Profit projections
• Marketing
• Business planning
• Honing my offer
• Insurance
• Cash flow

As part of the course, I also wrote and presented a business plan. This was pretty scary but was a really valuable exercise that definitely boosted my confidence.
What’s really great is the fact that 12 months later, I am still part of Radian’s self-employment community. This is part of the service and means that you don’t just finish the course and get left to figure the rest out – you get ongoing support not just from mentors but from other participants too.


Stay resilient

The biggest challenge when you’re just starting out with self-employment is staying resilient and keeping faith. Some weeks I will have loads of new leads, exciting work and lots going on. Other weeks are more challenging, and I have to dig deep, have confidence and think about new opportunities.

When you stick at it, you begin to succeed. I’ve worked on some very exciting projects and now feel sure that I have done the right thing by going self-employed.
One of my stand-out moments so far has been designing and delivering a workshop for the leadership team of a well-known fast food organisation. I got some lovely feedback – that was a great day at the office!



If you want to go self-employed, do Radian’s Create Course. It was so helpful. Even if you’re a bit scared to at first, everyone is really supportive, and you will meet some amazing people.

Find out more about Jo’s business here:
Twitter: @JoHompsteadHR