Becoming successful as a self-employed PR professional
Becoming self-employed

People choose to be self-employed for all sorts of reasons. My last job was at the Kings Theatre in Portsmouth. It was a great job – I got to work with lots of celebrities and had some great stories to tell. I have worked in public relations for about 15 years now. Prior to that I was a journalist. I’ve done lots of different media campaigns but one day I found myself unemployed. I decided that this was the moment that I wanted to start self-employment.


The Create course

I thought that the Create course would be a load of rubbish to be honest with you. But as the course progressed, I realised actually that it was great. It was so helpful – it was really good stuff that they were giving me. I thoroughly enjoyed the first morning of the course, and couldn’t wait for the next week of the class.

The guy who actually took the class was a business man himself. He went through scenarios that were real – when he was talking about budgeting he was actually giving us real life examples which made it very easy for me to understand.

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The benefits of good PR

Being in the paper or being on the radio actually makes people stop and listen and think about your brand and think about you. So the more you can get out there in to the media, the more likely it is that someone will remember and know your brand.

Working with me, you are actually working with a real person. I always go down the human-interest side of a story. I love getting results.

For example, someone opening a boutique isn’t really news. I asked her ‘would she mind if I used her age?” as she is nearly 60. And the next morning she was on the radio discussing starting a business later on in life.


Setting up workshops

I was asked to be an ambassador for Radian Create, which has been really good personal development for me. It’s given me the confidence now to go on and do my own workshops because I was able to do it with them.

I now teach small businesses how to write press releases, how to pitch to a journalist and also not to be frightened! It’s important businesses know how to get their message out there, because you never know, you might be on the headlines the next day.

I really, really want to get a result for businesses. I am so determined in what I do. My experience of PR and journalism as well as all the contacts I have in this area is perfect – I think I could take on almost any project.

Every month I am getting more and more clients, and then when I manage to get them publicity, and I see how happy they are, I love it.

If you want to be successfully self-employed, do the Create course. Build your confidence up and move forward.




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