Confidence creates clients for Lisa Banks’ business – Lisa Bee Creative
Lisa Banks owns Lisa Bee Creative, a Graphic Design business which she set up two years ago. Lisa discusses how the Create course helped her win new clients.


“I studied at art college for four years before becoming a Graphic Designer. I have now been working in design for over 25 years but have been self-employed for just two.

“I set up Lisa Bee Creative after being made redundant in 2017. I’m currently based in Totton, Southampton but have worked with clients from all over.

“From local start-ups to international businesses, I have worked for a great variety of clients in the last couple of years. My work sees me creating everything from logos, leaflets, brochures, adverts, price lists and stationary design to pull-up banners, web banners and start-up websites.

“In 2018 I attended a self-employment fair held at the Job Centre, Southampton. Here, I came across Radian’s EST team who were promoting their ‘Create’ course. I had been self-employed for just over a year at that point, and was looking to find a way to get new clients and improve my cash flow.

“I decided to enrol on the ‘Create’ course and it was one of the best decisions I made for my business. The training I received has helped me gain confidence in presenting my business to the world and talking to big groups of people.

“Being self-employed does cause concerns about finances as you never know if you will earn enough money at the end of each month. While I had experience in Graphic Design, running a small business requires so much more knowledge which I wasn’t initially confident in. The course has helped me to secure work through my improved website. I recently for a new client who found me online – they have now become one of my best customers!

“Even if you are already self-employed and think you know everything you need to know, there is always something new to learn. The ‘Create advisers are really knowledgeable and I feel much more confident now about the future of my business.”

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