How Joe Maloney grew his small business, Revival Property Services
Joe Maloney owns Revival Property Services, a carpentry, building, maintenance and repair service based in Southampton and the wider Hampshire area. Through Radian’s Create course, Joe learnt how to transform and grow his business through good marketing, branding, financials and business planning.

“I never decided to go self-employed, I just started doing jobs for people and it grew from there. I’d rather use my skills and tools to help customers directly than work for an employer. I never considered working in any other way.

“I prefer to do what I want, when I want and for who I want. I think I am naturally suited to the autonomy of working as a sole trader rather than for a larger organisation.

“For someone like me, who has never received any training or mentoring in this respect, Radian’s ‘Create’ course has been a massive help. It’s been invaluable – improving my businesses scope and success because it teaches you how to do the other sides of a small business.

“You might have a skill or a talent that people are willing to pay for, but without knowing how to market and position your business, or how to plan it’s future direction, your company will quickly stagnate.

“Making time for the training sessions, self-study and planning around chargeable work has been tough but so worth it. The ‘Create’ course has helped me with all aspects of self-employment. From marketing, web presence, accounting, financial forecasting to generally planning my businesses future properly and effectively.

“Getting a website up and running and creating a brand for Revival Property Services has been one of the big successes from the course. When you’re self-employed, promoting your business successfully whether via a website or on social media is vital to getting work.

“When growing your business, you need to be willing to be flexible. Allow the process to take you on a journey with your business ideas. Try not to get stuck on old plans. The more you learn, the more you might begin to think about ideas you would never have considered beforehand.”

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