How Sally changed her career direction from cleaning to childcare
Sally had always wanted to work with children but, with a background in cleaning and catering, wasn’t sure how to change her career direction. She approached the team to see what support they could offer and how they could help her realise her dream.


“In 2017 I was working part time as a cleaner. Before this, I’d only had jobs in the cleaning and catering industries, but I dreamt of training for a job in childcare. During the summer of 2017 I met Radian’s Employment Support and Training team, who helped me complete a CV and started supporting me with my job search moving forward. This included creating an account for me on their bespoke job search engine, ‘Vacancy Match/Kaonix.’

“At the time, I was looking for a catering or cleaning role that would offer me more hours than my current job. However, at the beginning of 2018 I was extremely pleased to secure a job as a childcare assistant in a local nursery.

“I wanted to gain new knowledge and upskill myself for my new career in childcare, so I met with the EST team in May 2018 and they helped me to identify an online training course in childcare and development. Because I sometimes find it difficult to complete application forms, they helped me get registered on the course of my choice and get set up online.

“Having completed this course, the team then helped me to enrol on and complete a paediatric first aid course as well as update my CV with my new qualifications, create a portfolio to take with me to interviews and update my Kaonix account, all of which really enhanced my employability.

“Consequently, I signed on to do some childcare agency work, but didn’t find it suitable for what I needed. After a discussion with a member of the EST team, we agreed that it might be preferable if I was able to secure a permanent Early Years position.

“I was given support to help me identify suitable positions in local early years settings and together we applied for these posts. I secured an interview, and although I was nervous, I was successful, and delighted to be offered a permanent full-time role at a local nursery.

“Part of my new role was to support children with complex educational needs who sometimes displayed challenging behaviours, so I contacted the EST team to see if they could help me access online training in this area.

“Very quickly the team located some appropriate training for me which supported my new job as well as helping me to complete the relevant enrolment forms which was great as I struggle with forms.

“I feel I have built a good relationship with Radian’s Employment Support and Training team and they have been brilliant in encouraging me along the way and offering me new opportunities. Their support helped me realise that I could achieve what I wanted and reach my dream of working fulltime in childcare.  I would not be where I am today without their help.

“Thank you so much to everyone in the EST Team!”


Radian’s Employment Support and Training team offer a range of advice and support to those looking for work or thinking of starting a business and also run events and projects throughout the year that focus on employability. The services on offer include training courses, confidence and skills building, CV writing, the ‘Create’ self-employment course and the provision of work experience, apprenticeship or volunteering opportunities.