Tony’s success after re-training as a driving instructor

Tony Jessop decided to re-train as a driving instructor after being threatened with redundancy in 2019.


Setting up a business is tougher than you think

“When my job was under threat of redundancy I decided to look elsewhere for employment. I saw an opportunity to train as a driving instructor and so paid for a course thinking it would be quick and easy. I quickly learned that it wasn’t.

“You see, it’s not just about going on a course – there are examinations to study for and pass as well as driving tests to take. And that’s just the easy part – you then have to think about setting up, funding and establishing a reputation for the new business.


Hard work and perseverance

“I went to my local council in Gosport and asked for advice and support for new businesses. That’s when I found out about Create.

“I want to be totally in control of my own development, have flexible working hours and long holidays. I believe that with a lot of hard work and perseverance it’s achievable.

“Fitting in my training and building up the business in my spare time has been a real challenge. There’re not enough hours in the day.


Seeing progress

“However, getting my first two learners through their driving tests, and getting my required licences has been a huge achievement.

“At the moment I’m working all of the day to get fully established. But money is starting to come in. I’m looking forward to going part-time initially before finally becoming self-employed.”


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