Festive money-saving tips

December can be an expensive time of year as we exchange gifts, prepare delicious meals and decorate our homes. Here, we share three handy money-saving tips to support you during this busy time.

Experiment with homemade decorations

However you like to decorate your home this season, making decorations can be a fun activity for all the family. Give making wall and tree hangings a try by moulding coloured clay into your desired shapes. It’s cheap to buy and will cost less than purchasing brand new decorations. You can also have fun with younger members of the family by using dried pasta on string, and decorating as you wish.

Use your loyalty points

December is a great time of year to use up your saved loyalty points on any cards you have. Whether it’s a Tesco Clubcard or Boots Advantage Card, use them to purchase gifts or food, relieving the strain on your wallet.

Set a limit

Present-buying can be expensive, so we suggest setting a price limit on gift-giving. Decide what you and your family or friends can afford and agree not to go above that specific sum of money. This takes away any pressure attached to buying gifts and ensures everyone is on the same page.