Support from an Independent Living Officer

An Independent Living Officer can offer support (the level of support provided will vary depending on your needs) but will not interfere in your daily life. Our services focus on maintaining independent living. Generally, it is “helping with” rather than “doing for”.

During their working hours, your Officer can offer support in many areas should you need it including:

  • Helping you gain access to other services, such as Social Services for home care, meals on wheels or special household aids
  • Offering support to become part of the community or accessing local community organisations
  • Helping you with the safety and security of your home as well as maintaining scheme health and safety
  • Supporting you to establish your personal safety and security
  • Regularly checking that your alarms are working
  • Providing general advice when required
  • Helping you establish social contacts and activities

Independent Living Officers respond to emergency alarm calls at Radian’s 60 plus schemes when on duty and on site. When not on duty or off site, our emergency alarm monitoring team answers calls and takes appropriate action so there is someone to respond 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Independent Living Officers do not provide a nursing service but will call in necessary services if required. They are not a substitute for the care and attention of relatives and friends, particularly at times of prolonged illness. Although the support from an Independent Living Officer does not reduce your relatives’ family responsibilities, it does give you and your family the reassurance that support is available.

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