Our Customers

Say hello to Andy…

Andy was house sharing before moving into his apartment about two years ago…

“Here I have my own space. I’ve a white and brown hamster called Henry.

“‘I really enjoy the garden. I grow lots and lots of vegetables – carrots, onions, parsnips, leeks. I’ve had to freeze some as we grew so many! We’re currently growing beetroot and rhubarb. I try cooking things with the staff. My favourite meal is Spaghetti Bolognese.

“I like going out of my flat when it’s a lovely sunny day. It’s a lovely area. I go on the bus to Southampton city centre.

“What I like most about my flat is my furniture. My sofa is very comfy. My flat is also really light and sunny. I get on with my neighbours. Support staff have really helped me.

“I’m happy with everything.”



Say hello to Gary John…

Gary John has lived in his apartment for over two years…

“I like living here because I feel more safe. I get on with people. I like having my own space and living here has helped me improve. I feel more confident – getting my shopping, doing my washing, cleaning up my flat.

“I’m enjoying doing things. I like doing up my skateboards – sanding, painting and blow-torching them with a heat gun. I like Goth and heavy music. I like wearing my make up, tying my hair up in different styles and wearing weird clothes. I like expressing myself. I’ve lots of friends who are Goth and I like hanging out with them. I go to places like Longdown Dairy Farm, the cinema and bowling. I arrange these with my carer. I’ve been going to the gym.

“I’m getting on with my life.”

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