Finding a food bank

There are different types of food banks out there and with the winter months proving a struggle, they’re being used more than ever.

The independently-run local food banks are usually open to anyone and do not need a referral. Start by looking online for any independent food banks near you – try searching for ‘food bank near me’.

Other food banks operate through referrals from your GP, Citizens Advice, a charity or social worker. If you need a referral, Citizens Advice is a good place to start and they can guide you through the process. You can also try the Trussell Trust’s food bank finder; the Trust operate on referrals and can tell you how to get a voucher to use at their food bank.

You may notice that some food banks are run by religious or church groups. If you’re not religious or have a different faith to that of the food bank group you can still use them as they will help anyone.