Head of Radian Build joins the BRE Trust

James Wates CBE (Chair of Wates Group) has announced the appointment of chartered architect Jonathan Rickard, Head of Radian Build. Jonathan is one of three new “exceptionally able” Trustees to the BRE Trust and its subsidiary companies.

Jonathan is a champion of good design, sustainability and place making. He regularly contributes to the work of housing groups, is a past chair of the RIBA in Hampshire, has been a member of the RIBA Housing Group, is a Board member of BCHA and is a Non-Executive Director of SECBE.

He joins Paul Hetherington, Chief Executive of C&C Marshall and Professor Vicky Pope, former Head of Science and Technology Futures.

James Wates said: “We are delighted to welcome three exceptionally able new Trustees to help give strategic direction to the BRE Trust and its subsidiary companies.

“The new Trustees will bring complementing skills and knowledge, and will play a vital role in managing the BRE Trust’s activities, assets and investments. This will also include developing the objectives of our research and education programme and ensuring excellent scientific standards in the work of BRE and its external partners.”

The Trust is an independent charity that commissions research, education and demonstration projects to support the development, maintenance and use of better buildings, infrastructure and communities.
It also plays a vital role in enhancing the impact the physical built environment has on the owners, occupiers and surrounding communities.

Jonathan Rickard said: “I am really excited to have been given the opportunity to join the BRE Trust. It’s a leading global charity, with the aim of ‘building a better world together’ through research and education into better homes, infrastructure and communities which influence social, environmental and economic change. It’s an ambition that resonates fundamentally with the values and behaviours we demonstrate in the work we all do at Radian.”