“A great place to live…if you can afford it” – the problem of high cost housing
The Central South is recognised as having some of the highest housing costs outside London.


We, along with Enterprise ME LEP, commissioned a report that examines the cost of house rental and purchase in the region and quantifies those costs, showing how they have increased in recent years. The report also explores the impacts of those costs on the affordability of housing, on patterns of rental and purchase, and on commuting behaviour.

At the heart of this study is an examination of how the Central South’s business community believe high housing costs affect them. Drawing on survey data and interviews, it reveals a concern for their ability to recruit to professional, technical and support roles, and a fear amongst some that an inability to attract skilled staff will force them to re-examine plans for growth and investment, and perhaps even consider relocation.

The research also looks at how local councils and housing associations are tackling the issues and what the risks high housing costs pose for the Central South’s economy, while highlighting what we can be doing to make things better.

Read the full report here