How our Create graduate is helping our customers and colleagues during COVID-19

Susan Davey, a Create graduate and owner of successful business, Simply Heart Brain Soul, completed the Radian’s ‘Create’ course to explore possible new ventures and to access local support. In the face of COVID-19, she is now working with us to put together an online health and wellbeing course for both our customers and colleagues.

After a successful career as a Contract and Project Director, she changed her career path and now supports people with achieving positive mental health and wellbeing through mindfulness, hypnotherapy, stress management and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Susan works with private clients and businesses, positively changing people’s lives.

Chris Adams, Employment Support and Training Manager was extremely impressed by Susan’s business when he first met her, and set up a meeting a few months ago to discuss the possibility of delivering mental health and wellbeing courses to our customers.

Employment support is about more than just enabling people to be more financially stable. When employment support and training work is successful, we see people who:

A mental health and wellbeing course was, therefore, a perfect fit for our support offer. Susan created a fantastic proposal of five physical workshops, covering a range of topics around mental health, confidence and self-esteem.


A new challenge

However, when the situation around COVID-19 began to worsen, we had to re-think the course. Health and wellbeing is more important than ever, so rather than postpone, these health and wellbeing workshops are now being developed to be delivered online. Susan is turning her classroom-based training into online webinars. The courses will roll out in the next few weeks and will include situation specific help and advice, including:

It’s important that therapy is spaced out, so the courses will be once a week for six weeks and will be delivered live by Susan. The six-week schedule will include:


Seeing the positives

While the in-person course hasn’t been able to go ahead as planned, the move to online should not be seen as a compromise. The accessibility of online learning means that more people can access the course at any one time, and this can only be a positive thing. Both customers and colleagues are invited to attend and benefit from the course. The first course is full, but more will be run and promoted in the future.


About Susan’s company

Introducing her business, Susan said: “Simply Heart Brain Soul is a complementary business working both with businesses and private clients to deliver practical techniques and advice to live a healthier, stress free lifestyle. It looks at the body and mind, from what we eat, to how we handle external stressors to how we deal day to day in our stressful lives. I seek to explore every avenue to identify how we can use our minds to help us control what takes place in our internal selves both physically and mentally, which gives the know-how to live a life where we can control and recognise stress before it takes control. The workshops deliver a simple lifestyle change to help manage internal wellbeing – we could liken these workshops to a service and MOT – plus how we can keep ourselves ‘road worthy’ for the rest of our lives.

“During these workshops, we will equip individuals with self-help techniques to include breathing, how to stop the body from constricting, how to divert awareness away from anxiety, how to build on lowering depression, how to gain self -esteem and confidence, how to eat healthily by understanding what is healthy, how to stop stress before it takes hold, plus how to unravel the stress and trauma that may already have taken hold. Teaching how to relax and continually stay in that relaxed stress-free zone for the rest of their lives!”