Information for WDHA tenants

Information for Radian customers with Windsor & District Housing Association tenancies: proposed partnership between Radian Group and Yarlington Housing Group

Radian is currently considering forming a partnership with another housing association, Yarlington Housing Group, who would join the Radian Group. You may have seen announcements on the Radian website about this proposal and although this is very much at a formative stage we want to seek your views.

Radian is currently formed of several housing associations: Windsor and District Housing Association, Drum Housing Association Ltd, Portal Housing Association Ltd and the Swaythling Housing Society Ltd. What is proposed is two-fold:

Yarlington joining the Radian Group and the transfer of WDHA into Yarlington would make the Radian Group a much larger and stronger organisation. Joining with Yarlington would also benefit WDHA and its residents, creating a larger and more effective and efficient housing association under the Radian umbrella.

Your services are currently provided by Radian. It is important to emphasise that this will not change as a result of this proposal. Whilst Yarlington would become your contractual landlord, this would not have any effect on your tenancy, lease or the services you receive. Your legal rights and the terms of your tenancy or lease would remain unchanged – all that would happen is that your landlord would become Yarlington in place of WDHA. The Radian Group would remain the parent company overseeing and directing activities and as now, Radian would continue to provide services to you and all our customers.

In order for the transfer of engagements to happen, WDHA would initially have to convert to become a charitable housing association (WDHA is currently a non-charitable association). In practice, it is important to stress that this change would have no effect on WDHA residents – the conversion to being a charitable housing association is merely a means to achieving the transfer of engagements. Yarlington is already a charitable housing association.

We are sharing our intentions with you here and giving you more information about what this means for you. We would like your views and feedback, so please read this information carefully.


Why are Radian and WDHA looking at a new partnership?

Our three key aims for the proposed partnership are to:

There are fewer sources of funding for housing associations than used to be the case, but the demand for affordable housing continues to rise. Joining up with another like-minded housing association would mean that we can bring together our resources and become more efficient, which will release money for new homes and investment in customer services.

Partnership with Radian and the merger of WDHA into Yarlington would increase our financial resilience and our ability to carry on providing housing for low-income families, despite the challenging external environment.


What does it mean for you?

If this proposal goes ahead, your landlord would change but you would see very few other changes because Radian remains the parent company directing activities. There would be no anticipated changes in staff who manage your home because of the proposal going ahead. All your legal rights would be protected including the right to buy, if you already have the right. The services you receive would not change and in the longer term, we anticipate being able to bring improvements to those services because of the new and stronger partnership.


About this consultation

We are carrying out this consultation with our residents in line with the Standards issued by the Regulator of Social Housing. Your feedback will be shared with the Radian and WDHA Boards and they will take it into account before making any decision to proceed with the proposal. All residents will be informed of the decision.

The link below contains a list of questions and answers that will give you more information:

Partnership FAQs


How can you have your say?

This letter forms part of our consultation with you and we welcome your questions and feedback. The consultation period lasts until 5pm on Tuesday 2 July 2019. We need to have received comments from you by then in order to take them into account. To submit your feedback you can complete the form below:

If you would like to talk to someone in person about the proposed partnership, please let us know via one of the following methods:

Write to us at:

Elizabeth Edwards, Co-regulation Manager, Parkside House, 33-39 Sheet Street, Windsor, Berks, SL4 1BY

Email us at:

Call us on:

0300 123 1 567 and speak to our Customer Services team


What happens to my feedback?

Your feedback will be given to the Radian and WDHA Boards for full consideration as it moves forward with the partnership plans over the next few months. We’ll feed back to you in the summer on the Boards’ decisions and what will happen next.