Josie’s Story – Starts at Home Day 2019

“Living in supported housing has made a huge difference to my life. My husband died, and I didn’t have enough pension to live on so I had to sell my bungalow because I couldn’t afford to pay for it on my own. Now I have somewhere where I feel supported and don’t have such huge expenses to manage on my own.

“My life has changed since living here – not only is it easier to cope financially but I also have company around me all the time. I was very lonely before and that’s a horrible position to be in. I have made lots of friends.

“I get involved in all sorts of activities. We have a fish and chip night every two weeks and also Evergreens which caters for older people.

“For me, supported housing means knowing there are people looking out for you. It also means not having to worry about coping financially with the costs of an entire house, which can be a struggle when your partner dies.”