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BBC Surrey’s ‘Big Bus Tour’ stops off at Café 1759

Monday, 11 June 2018

Cafe 1759 Mirror

We already know that our Café 1759 is a top destination, but we were thrilled that BBC Surrey made it the primary feature for their Big Bus Tour of Bordon. An interview with Radian Project Manager, Graham Bryant, made the top spot of the Afternoon with Allison Ferns show on Tuesday 29 May, as the two chatted construction, community and cake.

Like lots of visitors to the café, Allison was immediately impressed by the standard and quality of the design, remarking that it did not feel like your average community café:

“You’ve done such a good job with it,” she said. “It’s really contemporary… A lot of thought’s gone into it.”

The radio presenter also remarked on the unusual location of the café, being situated in the middle of a residential development. “I think it’s a brilliant idea,” she said, going on to observe that many people can find new developments a bit ‘soulless’, but that the café would bring all the new residents together.

Graham took the opportunity to share all the great things that the café is aiming to achieve, like helping people to gain some work experience, get out and about, or get into work. “Radian made a commitment to building a community café here,” he said. “We planned for success, we planned for failure, but we didn’t plan for the huge success that we’ve had,” he added, highlighting the massive local enthusiasm the café has already received.

We couldn’t be happier that Café 1759 is thriving and hope that its radio debut will bring even more people through the doors to get involved in their local community. If you’d like to find out more, visit or call 01420 555 970.

If you’d like to hear the feature, it is available on BBC IPlayer until 28 June. Graham’s interview begins at 3:24:10