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How do you make payments?

Friday, 09 December 2016

Just to let you know our payment page is having a makeover, but don't worry it's still us!

How do you make payments? Have you considered....


Direct Debits

A really easy way to pay your rent. Once it’s done you don’t have to worry about it again and even if your rent changes we will correct it and let you know within 10 working days.
You can set one up through My Radian or you can use a Direct Debit Form, this is available on our website if you wish to print or we can send you a hard copy for you to return.


Go to the payment page on the Radian website and input your tenancy number and address.

Automated payment line

The automated payment line is quick and available 24/7 and so is our website!

You can access the automated payment line by calling Radian Direct on
0300 123 1 567 then press option 2.

• Option 1 to make fast payments
• Option 2 to register for fast track payments
• Option 3 to make a one off payment.

If you haven’t registered already, please do so now.

Standing Orders

Easily change the amount or date through whatever way you bank – telephone, online or in branch.

To set up a Standing Order, get in touch with Radian Direct and we can send you a form or give details over the phone and you can set it up with your bank.


If you would like to discuss your payment options, get in touch by visiting the contact us page.