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In it for the long term

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Tim Willcocks 2Tim Willcocks, our Assistant Director of Development, discusses how our mixed tenure approach creates lasting communities and how Radian is stepping up to help solve the UK's housing crisis.

Communities, legacy, commitment, longevity are words often used by many of our housebuilder peers as they embark on a new land purchase or push through a planning application. However, very often, on the sale of the last home, these new housing developments are left to their own devices to hopefully evolve into true communities, some successes exist but it’s surely never quite that simple? 

At Radian, we do what we say we do, as a provider of pure mixed-tenure development schemes we create lasting communities. We build homes that meet the needs of the existing community and ensure that our homes knit into the fabric of the area, not stand out like a sore thumb. 

Variety is definitely important to making communities work and we appreciate the market need to provide a range of homes across a variety of tenures, providing homes for social and affordable rent as well as supported housing. We also have a significant Shared Ownership programme, and over the years have also provided equity loans to thousands of buyers to help them realise their dream of owning their first home. We now also offer homes for sale outright, and have a growing private rented sector business, livelikeSMART, providing quality homes for that segment of the market. 

It is this mixed tenure approach that stands us apart from traditional housebuilders. We will retain a long-term interest in a community, as we will retain homes, whether an interest in a shared ownership home or the management and maintenance of a rented home and the surrounding area. Indeed, in many places where we develop, we are already embedded as part of the community – in Bordon in East Hampshire we are building 100 new homes and creating 100 jobs at our Quebec Park development. Thirty-five of those homes will remain with Radian, along with a café, office space and public open space. And this just adds to our involvement in the town, where we already own hundreds of homes and are a real part of that community.

With responsibility for virtually the entire process at Radian from land and planning, to delivering the homes through our partnership and projects teams and finally compliance and customer care, I am able to have a full picture of the need for our product across central southern England. 

Radian is fully committed to playing an active role in the helping to address the UK’s housing crisis. Our Vision 2025 sets out a plan to double in size, and the delivery of more new homes is of course the key to that ambition. We are expanding our development plans and for the past year or so have been actively buying land for our own development, alongside the traditional route of acquiring homes through Section 106 delivery. 

At a time of political and economic uncertainty, we haven’t pressed pause, in fact it’s the opposite, we have turned up the ante on our delivery promises. We will not stop building communities that will stand the test of time or creating destinations where people aspire to live and homes that are affordable to as many people as possible.