Radian Lifelink

Radian Lifelink personal alarms and sensors can help you continue to live independently.

Many people may find, due to age, disability, or even living alone, that it is vital to have someone trustworthy, caring and professional that they can contact quickly and easily in an emergency.

Radian Lifelink has offered a flexible and responsive service to customers for over twenty years. We are dedicated to providing solutions for customers who seek a tailor-made service designed for them, with an absolute commitment to quality.

Radian Lifelink is easy for us to install and simple for you to operate. It consists of a base unit, which is connected to your telephone line, and a button that can be worn on a wrist strap, clip or pendant around your neck. In the event of an emergency you activate the button and the call is transferred to a receiving centre, who will then contact your key-holders or the emergency services.


Where we operate

Radian Lifelink provides a comprehensive emergency call system service in Hampshire. However, we might also be able to come to where you live so please contact us to find out.


Offering you a tailor-made service

We also offer a variety of telecare sensors to meet your individual needs, including:

  • Medication prompt – ensures that the correct dosage is taken at the right time
  • Fall detector – keeps track of people with balance issues
  • Heat sensor – senses if the oven or hob has accidentally been left on
  • Flood detector – avoid unnecessary water damage in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Epilepsy sensor – can detect tonic clonic seizures when a person is in bed and raise the alarm
  • Bed/chair absence detector – raises the alarm if a person does not return to their bed or chair as expected
  • Bogus caller button – raises the alarm on unwanted callers

At home and in the garden Radian Lifelink is your lifeline to living securely and independently. It gives peace of mind to you and your family, knowing that help is at the touch of a button.

For more information, call Radian Lifelink on 01730 236900 or email lifelink@radian.co.uk.

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