Lifelink FAQs

Below you can find answers to come frequently asked questions about Lifelink:

A Lifelink alarm unit with pendant is a way to call for help quickly and easily when it may otherwise be difficult to do so.

The pendant is water resistant and we encourage our clients to wear it at all times at home, including in the bathroom.

When the call is answered just inform the staff at the Monitoring Centre that you pressed it by mistake. In fact we ask our clients to press the button at least once a month, to ensure that the system is working properly and you understand how it works.

When you test the pendant through to the Monitoring Centre each month, they will check the battery level. In between these tests the pendant sends a status update to the Monitoring Centre and if the battery is low we will replace the pendant free of charge.

You can still call for help by using the alarm button on the Lifelink unit. A replacement pendant can be supplied at an additional cost. We will refund this charge if you subsequently find the lost pendant.

You can have 2 pendants to a base unit, enabling 2 people at the same address to be covered. A small additional charge is made for the extra pendant.

The pendant does not interfere with a pacemaker because it operates on a separate frequency.

Other household equipment should not interfere with the functionality of the Lifelink Alarm system. If you are in any doubt please call our Lifelink team on 01730 236900.

Yes, the alarm unit will work with broadband installed. As it uses the same technology as a standard landline telephone there are no issues with using internet. As with telephones the alarm unit will be plugged into the phone socket or the analogue socket on the router. The broadband will be plugged into the ADSL or Digital socket.

If there is a power cut, please don’t worry as there is a battery back up pack in the alarm base unit that will keep the system working for around 24 hours.

There may be situations in which you activate the pendant but are unable to speak to the Monitoring Centre via the microphone on the alarm unit. An example is if you fall in the garden or the shower. In these instances, the Monitoring Centre will always try calling you on your home phone. If you still don’t respond they will assume you need urgent help and will call your key holders to attend urgently. If these contacts are unavailable the Emergency Services will be sent.

Yes, the Monitoring Centre can contact you using BT Type Talk or alternatively they will ask a key holder to attend.

We hold limited medical information on file, as well as details of your doctor, to assist the Emergency Services.

Simply call the Radian Lifelink team on 01730 236900 to tell us any changes.

The pendant has a typical range of 50 metres from the Lifelink unit and should be worn outside the house in the garden. We routinely check the alarm range at the installation appointment.

The minimum period that we offer our alarm service for is 3 months. After this you can cancel at any time giving 1 month’s notice.

No. The Lifelink service relies on your phone line being in good working order and will not be able to generate a call to the Monitoring Centre if faulty. The Lifelink unit will give you an automated message telling you that the phone line is disconnected.

Yes, we can replace the batteries for you and will charge a nominal £20 to cover the batteries and our visit.

We have a range of affordable Telecare sensors which can provide extra safeguards and support your independence depending on your need. A needs assessment would highlight which sensors you would need. Sensors can minimise the risks of: falls, under or over medicating, cooking left unattended, CO, flood and smoke etc.