Our plans for an environmentally friendly future

Zero Waste Week is a chance to think about what individuals and organisations can do to reduce waste.

We’re in the middle of an environmental crisis and it’s never been more important for us as individuals and as a business to take responsibility, make changes to reduce waste and improve our environmental impact on the world around us.

Radian has over 800 colleagues working in offices and communities throughout the south of England. Such a significant organisation can have a big impact on the environment so it’s important that we get it right.

The Facilities team are key to reducing Radian’s waste. We are aiming to Be the Difference and become a department that role models what can be done to lessen Radian’s impact on the environment.

We are at the very start of a journey that will see all of us, both at work and at home, change how we consume in order to tread lighter on the Earth’s resources.

Facilities have already been making changes as part of this and as a department we already do quite a lot.


We’ve already:


However, there is always room for improvement. We need to get better at measuring and validating what has been completed already. We’ve made changes which have already had a significant impact on our waste output, but we have little data to show what we have already achieved. One of the first steps is to begin gathering and reviewing data to ensure we are making the right changes in the most appropriate places.

But that’s not all…


We’re currently:


While we are certainly making a start, there is always more that we could be doing to reduce Radian’s waste and improve our environmental impact. We are constantly looking at what we can do and how to get it done, so we’ve got a lot of plans for the future.


We’re planning to:


But in order to succeed and make longer strategic changes, we need the buy in of everyone across the business. It’s going to take time but reducing our waste, improving our carbon footprint and becoming more sustainable is achievable, providing every individual gets involved and plays their part.

By Achieving Together, we know that we can make a difference.

– Laura Wright, Facilities Manager