Promoting diverse communities with City of Sanctuary

As an organisation that works with communities across a large part of the south and south west of England we are committed to increasing equality of opportunity and tackling discrimination. As such, we are pleased to announce that we are now members of Portsmouth City of Sanctuary.

What is City of Sanctuary?

City of Sanctuary is a nationwide charity that strives towards building a nation that provides a place of safety for all people escaping violence or persecution from other countries. The organisation has a network of more than 100 groups across the United Kingdom and Ireland that actively offers support to refugees.

As well as rallying to make communities across the country inclusive and safe for everyone, the charity also lobbies for a social movement that ensures all people seeking sanctuary in the UK are welcomed with open arms.

Several organisations in Portsmouth have come together to form a group, emphasising the city’s commitment to equality and diversity. Malcolm Little, Chair of Portsmouth City of Sanctuary, said:

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with Radian and other supporters, to properly welcome new asylum seekers to the city; we hope that our joint project will make a real difference to a small but important number of beneficiaries.”

How are we involved?

We are proud to be a member of the Portsmouth City of Sanctuary, which is dedicated to ensuring it is inclusive and open to all. In the first instance we are pleased to be supporting the group with a community fund application and further exploring the way in which we can invest further in Portsmouth in a way that promotes equality of opportunity. Radian Group’s Managing Director of Community Services, Michelle Dawson, said:

“Portsmouth is a city rich in cultural history and one that positively embraces its multi-culturalism. As a housing provider we have an important role to play in ensuring every person feels safe and welcomed in the communities we operate in, and as such it is our pleasure to partner with City of Sanctuary to make this happen. The group’s work is both essential and inspiring and we look forward to getting involved in great projects in the future.”