Radian Group salute community centre on their 2,000th meal delivery milestone

We have been working in collaboration with Portsmouth based charity, Enable Ability, during the Covid-19 outbreak to help support vulnerable members of the community.

Situated in the Charles Dickens ward, the charity operates from the Landport Community Centre with the support of Portsmouth City Council, The Hive and other local organisations.

On Friday 1 May, the charity reached a milestone, preparing and delivering the total of 2,000 hot meals to the most vulnerable in the community. We recently donated £2,500 and the long-term use of a company vehicle and are delighted with the community centre’s achievement.

Ralph Facey, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships & Projects at Radian Group visited the community centre on Friday 1 May to commend the community heroes:

“During these unprecedented times we are delighted to be able to sponsor a vital service that makes a real difference supporting the most vulnerable in the community.

“I would personally like to congratulate the community centre on their outstanding achievement – delivering a total of 2,000 meals to the residents of Charles Dickens Ward. Their commitment and dedication have made this resource possible; providing a vital community asset.”

We are honoured to be working with the community centre at such a crucial time, a project like this needs the support of the whole community behind it.

Louise Wilders, Operations Director at The Hive said;

“I am proud to congratulate the centre on their 2,000th meal delivery. The work they do is fundamental to this ward. It is inspiring to see the people of Portsmouth unite as one at such difficult times.

“The centre which lies at the heart of the community, is a hub built around a strong network of residents and businesses who provide essential aid to the most vulnerable individuals in our community.”

Photo credit: Tony at WallaceMedia and Portsmouth in the Community