Radian Group sells £35.5m of retained bonds

We are delighted to announce the successful sale of £35.5m retained bonds to replace surplus liquidity utilised in the recent stock acquisition from another RP.

Vimal Gaglani, Director of Treasury and Financial Planning said;

“Achieving these bond sales will have a positive impact especially given our intention to invest in local communities, build more homes and increase homeownership. The bonds were sold at a low rate in a volatile market, further enhancing their value to the group.

“Increasing our liquidity is essential if we are to remain agile & flexible and strengthen our position as a housing provider”

Maria Goroh, Director at Centrus, who acted as an adviser to Radian Group added;

“This successful transaction was a good example of reacting to market conditions and investor appetite. It supports Radian in their investment strategy following the partnership with Yarlington in November last year.”