Radian supports Eden Project’s community initiative
Our Community Development team have been recognised for the brilliant work they do for our customers in Portsmouth and were invited to take part in yesterday’s Big Lunch Community Walk.


The Eden Project’s Big Walk is supported by the National Lottery Community Fund and is a way of launching The Big Lunch in June; an annual opportunity for communities to come together and feel a part of their neighbourhoods.

Ahead of the Big Lunch, the walk highlights the importance of creating a space for neighbours to connect and communities to grow. Our Community Development Officer Jacky works closely with the three community groups who took part in today’s walk. She said:

“We were delighted to welcome the Eden Project to Portsmouth for the Big Lunch Community Walk on Monday. It poses a great opportunity for the project to meet community groups we support, and to encourage our customers to get together to take part in the Big Lunch. Not only is the initiative a fantastic way for people to get out and meet their neighbours, but a valuable way for people to feel part of a community.”

The Big Lunch Community Walk connects communities by shining a light on ordinary people doing extraordinary things to make a positive difference to their city. Eight walkers are visiting 17 towns in 17 days, traveling across the country to celebrate communities and the rich diversity that makes up the UK.

Whilst visiting Portsmouth, walkers Carole Wight and Laura Graham met members of Radian’s Community Involvement team, learning about the vital work they carry out for residents, and spoke with local champions including ambassadors from URBOND and Victory Hants.

The Big Lunch is taking place 1-2 June. Launched in 2009, the event encourages neighbours to have lunch together, signifying a simple act of community, friendship and fun. The initiative often has a positive ripple effect, leading to people building new bonds and implementing positive change where they live.

“We want to shine a light on people at the heart of the UK’s communities who do great things where they live. Our walkers will be meeting projects and people who are making small steps that make a big difference where they live. Everyone can do that if they join in The Big Lunch on 1-2 June, because when you start with that simple act of sharing food and fun together for one glorious afternoon, good things follow.” – Peter Stewart, Executive Director at Eden Project.